Hockey – Players and their Jobs

Every hockey group should have 11 individuals who should constantly be prepared on the field to begin the match. All out number of individuals in a group are 16 of which five are substitute. The rules on the most proficient method to play the game are given by the Global Alliance of Hockey.

Replacement of players should be possible quite a few times. Any time of time, the group can give a rest to a player and call a substitute for his sake. The 11 players comprise one objective attendant, and the rest will be on the field. The breakdown of proposed credits for every player is as per the following :

Goal Keeper

Ostensibly, the goalkeeper is the main player in the entire group. The obligation of the goalkeeper is to protect the goal line and keep the other group from hitting an objective.

The vital obligations of the Objective Attendant are recorded as follows :

  • Ought to be quick and furthermore lithe.
  • Ought to be capable on both their right and left foot.
  • Ought to have the option to pass judgment on the killing point and close them.
  • Ought to be a decent communicator and have the option to coordinate the guard.
  • Ought to have the option to go down in the right way at protective minutes and at the required second ought to stay in a standing position.

The place goalkeeper needs to meet the accompanying necessities.

  • Ought to have the option to save the straight shots toward the objective.
  • Ought to have the option to limit the going after group’s score by sorting out the protective assaults.
  • Ought to lay out great correspondence with different safeguards.


The defenders are situated in four areas. They are correct half, left half, right back, and left back. The main job of the safeguards is to shield the back four. They ought to function collectively and attempt to limit the score of their rival.

The principal credits of a defender are as per the following:

  • Ought to have the option to turn sideways and get back quickly.
  • Ought to have solid essential abilities. Powerful in catching the adversary, passing the ball, and handling what is happening.
  • Ought to have the option to forestall adversary assault and set the ball aside from the peril zone.
  • Ought to figure out both one man to another as well as zonal safeguards and choose the right way to deal with use.
  • Ought to have the option to have a decent vision of different players and assemble information on best passing open doors.


The three dispersions in the midfield positions are inside right, inside left, and focus half. The midfield is the group’s motor room. It interfaces the assailants and the protectors. It ought to stay away from rivals to have total separations through the center of the field. Midfielders ought to be significant game merchants and have an extraordinary consciousness of the game.

Properties of a midfielder are as per the following:

  • Ought to have an incredible speed increase with wellness, quick and nimble.
  • Ought to have solid generally round essential information on hockey.
  • Ought to have decent information in passing, ball conveying, getting, and shooting.
  • Ought to have an incredible mindfulness and vision of the game.
  • Ought to have the option to switch play or change the mark of assault.
  • Ought to have the option to grasp the safeguards and pick the right one at the perfect opportunity.
  • Ought to have the option to figure out the lines and approaches and guard in the play at midfield.


The main job of a striker is to produce chances of scoring. These should be finished by functioning collectively, making width and profundity on the assault, making a connection with the midfield, and taking the best of the relative multitude of potential open doors.

Explicit qualities of a decent striker are as per the following:

  • Ought to have the option to get an unmistakable view of the lines and approaches and safeguards.
  • Ought to have the option to convey strain on the rival protectors.
  • Ought to have the option to move quickly and ought to be dexterous with high-speed increase and speed change.
  • Ought to have a decent vision of the game and familiarity with moves.
  • Ought to have a steady development where the key activities are making space, going after valuable open doors, and driving the group.
  • Ought to have the option to execute and distinguish the best and open door for shooting.

Hockey is played outside on rectangular fields. Two gatherings of 11 players each play the game. One of them wears a head protector, and cushions, and stands before the objective with a J-molded hockey stick. The game requires part of endurance stand physicality as one needs to run alongside the ball and stick to score the objective.


The game starts with a throw where the two skippers are available. One of them calls it precisely and gets the choice to pass first or pick a particular completion of the field; a lot of like the toss in various games.

The game is played for 75 minutes which incorporates a brief half-time span. The two gatherings are played for 35 minutes each. The time is in the middle of the game for replacements, treatment for injury, and so on, and afterward continues.

Fast Look at the Game

The hockey players take their individual situations on the field. One of the groups begins the game with a middle pass and keeps on going after the rival to score an objective. The player taking the focus pass can remain in the other portion of the field while his colleagues ought to remain inside their half of the safeguarding objective. The player taking the focus pass is allowed to raise a ruckus around town toward any path.

  • The colleagues continue to pass the ball and search for potential chances to score the objective while the adversaries tackle them and attempt to assume command over the ball.
  • Assuming the game is stopped any second for injury or replacement, it resumes by the player passing the ball from the closest spot of stoppage of play. This is called menace.
  • A player from each group stands near the ball with shielding objectives to their right side to take a domineering jerk. The two players tap appearances of their sticks and one of the players are permitted to raise a ruckus around town.
  • A free-hit circumstance emerges when a player stirs things up around town outside the sideline or standard. Free-hit is taken by a safeguard by setting the ball 15 meters in line with the focal point of the objective.
  • In the event that a ball is hit external the sideline by a player, the safeguard of the rival group will endure a free shot by setting the ball in line inside 15 meters from where the ball has crossed.
  • In the event that the ball is hit external to the back line by a player, the safeguard of the rival group will endure a free shot by setting the ball within 15 meters from the focus of the objective.
  • In the event that the ball is hit external to the back line by the rival player, a punishment corner is granted to the group going after the objective. The ball is set in line to the back line and to the right of the goal line a good ways off of 15 meters.
  • In the event that the ball is hit externally the back line by the objective manager of the rival group then a corner is granted to going after the group. The ball is then positioned in line to 23 meters line and hit by a player of going after the group.

Length of a Match

A standard hockey match happens for 70 minutes comprising two parts every of 35 minutes. Additionally, now and then matches end in a draw. However, the authority matches ought to have a victor not at all like other matches. If in any case, the game is a tie extra time is given. If there is a tie again, the discipline flick competition picks the champion of the match.

A player passes the ball among them to advance it toward the objective utilizing a triangle technique for passing framework. This thwarts the enemy to get the ball.

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