New Adventure Himalayan 450:- You can ride this bike quickly in hilly areas. The new Adventure Himalayan 450 is a racing bike that you can use for racing; its powerful engine will take you anywhere else. It makes you capable of walking on any road. This bike was launched in the Indian market two to three days ago; it is in high demand.

Himalayan 450 Launch Date

Himalayan 450 was launched in the Indian market on 24 November 2023; after coming into the market, its demand became high, it is being sold at an excellent level due to its powerful engine, and it is liked a lot by the racers. Are staying.

Himalayan 450 Mileage

Himalayan 450

Due to the Indian market and its strength, it is being described as a competitor of Royal Enfield. With the help of per liter, you can easily cover a distance of 30 Kmpl. This Himalayan 450 bike has a tank of 17 Liters. Talking about its engine, a liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-valve DOHC engine has been included in it.

Himalayan 450 Colours

No information has been received about the colors of the Himalayan 450 yet because this bike has been included in many different colors on the market. Like other pigments, Racer People is launched for new racer people.

Himalayan 450 Top Speed

The top speed of the Himalayan 450 has been seen at an excellent rate. There are many videos available for this, but we would like to tell you that the top speed of the Himalayan 450 bike is said to be 150km/h.

Himalayan 450 Price in India

Talking about the price of the Himalayan 450 bike, it has been brought to India at a meager price so that it can be available to all the racers. Its price range is from ₹ 2,60,000 lakh to ₹ 2,70,000 lakh. People say that the cost pales in comparison to the strength and mileage of the bike because bikes with lower mileage are sold in the market at a higher price than this bike.

Himalayan 450 vs Himalayan 411

Talking about the specifications of Himalayan 450 vs Himalayan 411, let us tell you that,

Rear Suspension43mm USD forks with 200mm travel41mm telescopic fork with 200mm travel
Rear suspensionMonoshock with 200 mm travelMonoshock with 180 mm travel
Tires320 mm disc (front) with ABS, 270 mm disc (rear) with switchable ABS90/90 – 21 (show), 120/90 – 17 (end)
90/90 – 21 (front), 140/80 – 17 (bottom)90/90 – 21 (show), 120/90 – 17 (end)90/90 – 21 (play), 120/90 – 17 (back)
Kerb weight196kg199kg
Seat height805 mm – 845 mm (adjustable)800mm
Fuel tank17 liters14.5 – 15.5 liters

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