Poonam Gupta Success Story: We will tell you about a female industrialist who got a business idea from a garbage heap and runs a company worth Rs 800 crore today. The name of the female industrialist we are talking about is Poonam Gupta, and she is a resident of Delhi. Poonam Gupta has completed her studies at Lady Shri Ram College. 

Poonam Gupta Success

Poonam Gupta got the idea of ​​starting her company from a pile of junk. And you will not believe that today he runs a company worth more than Rs 800 crore from that business idea. Poonam Gupta has faced many difficulties, and that is why she is in this position today, so let us know more about  Poonam Gupta’s Success Story.

Poonam Gupta Success Story 

Female industrialist Poonam Gupta started her own business by taking a bunch of scrap business ideas, which is today a company worth Rs 800 crore. If we talk about Poonam Gupta, then she is a resident of Delhi. Regarding Poonam Gupta’s education qualification, she has done Honors in Economics from Lady Shriram College.

After earnearning Honors in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College, Poonam Gupta has also done an an MBA. After doing an MBA, Poonam Gupta has searched a lot for the job, but despite working very hard, she has not got any job. In 2002, Puneet Gupta married Poonam Gupta, who lived in Scotland. After marriage, Poonam Gupta also went to Scotland.

After marrying Puneet Gupta, Poonam Gupta went to Scotland with Puneet Gupta because Puneet Gupta worked in Scotland. After moving to Scotland, Poonam Gupta searched for a lot of jobs, but due to lack of work experience, she was not getting any job; she got a business idea from the pile of junk and started researching her business. Was.

Got a business idea from a pile of junk, set up a company worth Rs 800 crore

Poonam Gupta got the business idea from the garbage heap, and today, she runs a company worth Rs 800 crore. For your information, let us tell you that when Poonam Gupta was wandering from one office to another in search of a job, she saw piles of garbage in almost all the offices, and from there, she got the idea of ​​starting her business. 

After getting the business idea from the garbage heap, Poonam Gupta started doing thorough research on the garbage heap. After completing the study, Poonam Gupta thought of making good high-quality paper by recycling the pile of waste. She then started this business by investing Rs 1 lakh in funding from the Government of Scotland. 

From Rs 1 lakh to Rs 800 crore company today 

Poonam Gupta started the paper recycling business in 2003 with funding of Rs 1 lakh from the Scottish government. Poonam Gupta began to a brand named PG Paper in Scotland, and then she started the business of making good quality paper by recycling waste. And today, she earns crores every month from her PG Paper business. PG Paper’s business is spread in many countries, and it also supplies paper to many companies, today, it is a company worth Rs 800 crore. 

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