Sa re ga ma pa 2023 winner: The grand finale of ‘Sa re ga pa 2023’ started yesterday, 26th November; P. Albert Kabo Lepcha of Kalimpong, Bengal, won. 27-year-old Albert never took professional music training. The top 5 finalists were Albert, Nishtha Sharma, Sneha Bhattacharya, Ranita Banerjee, and Sonia Gajmer. Nishtha and Ranita became the first and second runner-ups of the season, respectively.

Sa Re Ga Mama Dad 2023 Victor

The adjudicators and crowd of the show provided him with a great deal of affection for his reliably great exhibition throughout the season. Albert was given the prize during the terrific finale. Sonia Gajmer and Sneha Bhattacharya were likewise in the primary 5. As visitors, Govinda and his better half, Sunita Ahuja, likewise partook in the show. Albert Kabo Lepcha, who got acclaim throughout the season, was given this season’s prize, the photograph he again imparted to his fans via online entertainment. On the one hand, Albert won this season, and then again, Nishtha Sharma and Ranita Banerjee were this season’s first and second sprinters.

Who is Sa Re Ga Mama Dad Victor Albert Kabo Lepcha?

27-year-old Albert is hitched and lives in Kolkata with his significant other. Before participating in Sa Re Ga Mama Dad, he performed live shows in Kolkata and founded a band named Kakabo and Company. Even though Albert has been attached to singing since his youth, he began singing right from his school days.

After marriage, when his obligations expanded, he likewise became a gourmet expert, yet after his granddad’s passing, he returned to his old neighborhood and sang as a vocalist. Simultaneously, he has again functioned as a local escort. Indeed, he has won in the singing show on the strength of his abilities; presently, we trust that soon he will overwhelm the Bollywood business with the magic of his voice.

Have you likewise functioned as a gourmet expert?

Before coming to Sa Re Ga Mama Dad, he used to do 5 to 7 live shows in Kolkata in a month. Albert Kabo Lepcha began singing in school and used to sing in chapel once a week. After marriage, he likewise became a gourmet specialist, yet after his granddad’s demise, he returned to his old neighborhood. What’s more, he began singing as a vocalist. He has likewise functioned as a local escort.

Sa Re Ga Mama Dad 2023 Victor Prize Cash

Albert Kabo Lepcha from Kalimpong, West Bengal, was proclaimed the champ of the singing rivalry. Regardless of having no proper preparation in music, his exceptional ability put him aside from the other challengers. As the champ of the show, he got a monetary reward of Rs 15 lakh.

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